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Association Membership FAQs

What does the Self Storage Association of South Carolina do?
  • We educate operators about State law in respect to operating in South Carolina, as well as better business practices
  • Assist operators with resources to improve day to day operations 
  • Represent owners and operators in legislative issues, watch for changes and work to affect better, updated laws that will help both customers and the operators.

Why should I join the Self Storage Association of South Carolina?
  • Becoming a member of SSASC, gives you direct access to new information and legislative updates in South Carolina.  
  • Attending quarterly meetings, provides you with exposure to new operating techniques; new technologies tailored to Self Storage facilities; new marketing concepts; revenue generating ideas and expense cutting techniques; networking; and perhaps the most valuable reason, learning about the things that didn’t work and that you should avoid…
  • Joining the SSASC is your next step toward creating a highly successful Self Storage operation.

What other benefits do I get as a member?

  • Affiliate Membership to the National Self Storage Association 
  • Attendance to our roving, local quarterly meetings and the great educational and networking opportunities (One attendee free per membership)
  • Our list of Vendor Members that offer special deals and discounts to SSASC members
  • Legislative Monitoring: The SSASC retains a lobbying firm to monitor legislative issues, discuss possible plans of action and keep the membership informed of current political matters.

Contact Self Storage Association of South Carolina:

Office: 803.814.4000


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